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2. Declare: What helps us stay on track to reach our Confetti Moments? DECLARE it! Check out the reasons why!

1. Aware: On the way to getting to our Confetti Moments we have to become AWARE of our Confetti Blockers.

4. Celebrate: When we set a goal and achieve it - we've earned the Confetti Moment! How will you CELEBRATE?

3. Dare: Telling the world our goal isn't enough... Melanie will DARE you to take action to make it happen!

Audiences love Melanie! From funny stories we can all relate to, to her ability to engage with observational humor, Melanie delivers practical take aways and high energy your event participants will love. 


**Special thanks to Andrew L. Murphy Art & Photography and Mandy Fiock Photography for professional photography. And to Trey Hernandez Media for video services.